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Tosai is founded by Tonny Soesanto who started first as a restaurateur 30 years ago and eventually became a sushi supplier for markets in the greater Los Angeles Area. Since then, Tonny's business has grown rapidly throughout the nation to more than thirty states.

Since 1986, our chefs have perfected the art of making sushi. The quality of our sushi begins with the delicate taste of perfectly blended sushi rice. Not too tart or too sweet, combined with the highest attainable quality of fish and you have a time-honored recipe for success.

We use only sustainable ingredients that are free of antibiotics and growth hormones, and none of our products contain MSG or artificial colors/flavors. We also have vegan options and products that are made with gluten free ingredients!

Owner of Tosai Tonny Soesanto


Tonny Soesanto opened his first sushi restaurant over 30 years ago in Beverly Hills, California. Growing up in Indonesia, Tonny gained a passion for cooking from his mother who would prepare traditional Hakka food at home. When Tonny was 19, he was accepted into UC Berkeley where he earned his Bachelors in Chemical Engineering. He was then invited to CalTech where he got his Masters in 1982. After graduation, Tonny opened his first restaurant with his two best friends and they have been providing the highest quality sushi to venues such as Whole Foods Markets, Ralphs, Stanford University, USC, UCLA, and many major hospitals and movie studios in Los Angeles.

Executive Chef Ando Yushiharu


Master Chef Ando Yoshiharu was born in Beppu, Japan. At the age of 15, he started his culinary career working at a traditional French restaurant in Japan. After learning French techniques, Ando then started working at a fish market where he learned how to select the finest quality fish. Ando learned how to cut and clean the fish and ultimately how to prepare the highest quality sushi. In 1984, Ando moved to the United States to continue his work as a master fish cutter and sushi chef.


TOSAI stands above all other companies by using fresh, never-frozen tuna in our sushi. Our grade A tuna is hand selected by our highly trained chefs and is cut and prepared daily, with only the best cuts used in our sushi.


TOSAI Sushi also sources the best all-natural salmon, fresh flown in from Iceland and/or Scotland which is then cut and prepared daily at our central kitchen, then frozen for safety per FDA rules.


From our business cards to the trays we package our products in, TOSAI is very eco-conscious. We only use the best, all-natural seafood from companies that emphasize sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship.

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